STANDOUT Math Training

The STANDOUT Math Curriculum is extremely fun and easy for teachers to learn and implement in their classrooms. In order to ensure teachers become confident with implementing STANDOUT Math, we offer a variety of training approaches including our Open Enrollment training, At Your School training, and Internet training.  All of these methods have proven very successful with helping teachers learn the chants, and movements required to successfully implement STANDOUT Math.  STANDOUT Math training is conducted throughout the year.  We conduct different training sessions for the different grade levels of the curriculum including a Kindergarten/1st grade training session, a 2nd and 3rd grade training session and a 4th and 5th grade training session.

Training Options:

Open Enrollment - This training approach brings together teachers from a number of schools in a geographical area with a STANDOUT Math trainer.  This training is delivered over the course of 2 days that are separated by at least a few weeks.  The separation of the days allows teachers to learn the first half of the curriculum on Day 1, then deliver it in their classroom for a period of time and then learn the remainder of the curriculum during the Day 2 session.

At Your School Training - This training approach allows a school to customize their training schedule and has a STANDOUT Math trainer deliver training just for teachers at one school.

Internet Training - This training approach is great for schools where travel budgets are limited.  The format of this training is similar to the Open Enrollment training where a STANDOUT Math trainer spend 2 days with teachers so they can learn the STANDOUT Math curriculum.  The  difference is that the training is conducted using the internet and the trainer and teachers are not in the same physical room.

Regardless of the training option you choose, we are confident that our training will allow your teachers to successfully learn how to deliver STANDOUT Math in their classrooms.  Here is some of the feedback teachers who have been through our training have shared with us.

    "I feel this was one of the most beneficial professional development experiences I            could ever have. The training was fast-paced and fun to learn."

    "The trainers were fantastic and helped me learn how to implement the curriculum         in my classroom.  Their insights to actually implementing STANDOUT Math were         extremely helpful."

For more information about training locations and schedules, please email or call
STANDOUT Math at (720) 279 - 3700.
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