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Our DVDs are the perfect supplement to any math curriculum!

Teachers and students alike can use this engaging resource to learn short chants for geometric and numerical operations.  These amazing DVDs help students memorize mathematical procedures and concepts needed to master common standardized test questions at the elementary level.

Shapes DVD: 2D and 3D shapes, angle terminology and geometric terms are covered in this 40 minute DVD.  Make learning about shape terminology fun!   The Shapes DVD is $29.99 
Measurement DVD:  Length, Weight and are covered in this 35 minute DVD.  Both US Standard and Metric measurement systems are explored to make learning about measurement fun!  The Measurement DVD is $29.99
Numbers DVD:  This DVD covers vocabulary for Sum, Difference, Product and Quotient as well as place values, fractions, decimals, percentages and more.  The Numbers DVD is $29.99.
Money, Time and Graphing DVD: These fun chants will kick start your money, time and graphing learning units with the terminology they need to know. The Money, Time and Graphing DVD is $29.99
Complete DVD Library: All encompassing song library includes all 4 DVDs for a significant savings.  Owning the complete library will give you a song, rap or chant for almost any mathematical vocabulary word.  Energize your math class today for $39.99!

Test Preparation Units

Prepare your 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade students with our Test Preparation Units.
STANDOUT Math Test Prep Units are specifically designed as a
comprehensive review to be used prior to testing situations.
Teachers rave about the effectiveness of this review!
3rd Grade Test Preparation Unit - $29.99
4th Grade Test Preparation Unit - $29.99
5th Grade Test Preparation Unit - $29.99

Computation Units

STANDOUT Math Computation Units are designed to be implented across your entire school to help kids memorize their math facts.  Computation Units can be used for 2nd through 6th grade levels and are sold either separately, or in packages of 5 of 10. 

Computation Unit - Single Copy - $49.99
Computation Unit - 5 pack - $ 238.00
(5% discount from purchasing individually)
Computation Unit - 10 pack - $450.00
(10% discount from purchasing individually)


STANDOUT Math at Home DVD Set:  This 5 set DVD is a perfect way for parents to continue practicing STANDOUT Math at home with their children.  STANDOUT Math at HOME includes all the chants, song and raps that your child's teacher uses in the classroom. Help your child continue with learning their math concepts at home with this engaging DVD set. 

The STANDOUT Math at Home series is $69.

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