For Educators

STANDOUT Math was created by an educator to help other educators to teach math vocabulary.  STANDOUT Math curriculum and services are geared toward making teaching math vocabulary fast paced and fun for both teachers and students.   Because our curriculum is designed to teach math vocabulary like it is a foreign language by combining oral, visual and kinesthetic components, students retain the concepts far better than with standard teaching methods and approaches. 

Curriculum Overview

The STANDOUT Math curriculum is designed to mimic the process a person goes through to learn a new language by combining oral, visual, and kinesthetic components into the teaching process.  The video below shows a demonstration of how the curriculum is implemented by combining those components to help students learn and remember math concepts.

STANDOUT Math is easy to implement in the classroom and is done in 20 minute sessions, once a week.  There are specific lessons for K/1, 2/3 and 4/5 grade levels.   Each grade level targets math language that is pertinent to that grade level and introduces concepts that students will learn in future years.  

Staff Meetings

Because STANDOUT Math is such a unique curriculum and approach to teaching math vocabulary, you need to see it to understand it's powerful impact.  STANDOUT Math is happy to have one of our Educational Consultants present one of our 20 minutes lessons at a staff meeting so your staff can see the program in action.  To schedule a staff meeting, please call (720) 279-3700 or email us.

Teacher Training 

In conjunction with our curriculum, we offer training services to train teachers to deliver STANDOUT Math in their classroom.  Training is conducted during 2 days either onsite at your school, at one of our offsite locations or over the web.   To learn more about our training offerings, please visit our Training page or contact us at (720) 379-2700 or by email.

Call or email STANDOUT Math to speak with one of our Education Consultants to learn more about STANDOUT Math.

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