STANDOUT Math Data/Research

STANDOUT Math has been implemented in hundreds of schools around the world.  In 2011, the average improvement in math scores on state standardized tests for US schools that initially implemented STANDOUT Math was 15.2% points.  This improvement was consistent for all schools regardless of the socio-economic status of the children who attended the schools.  

Other important success metrics:

  • 100% of Schools that implemented STANDOUT Math showed an improvement in state and national standardized Math test scores in 2011.

  • Schools fully implementing STANDOUT Math increased the percentage of students who scored Above Perficient/Advanced on their state standardized Math test by 12.8%.

  • 100% of STANDOUT Math classes outscored non-STANDOUT Math classes in the same school


Improvement in test scores is critical to your school's success, and so is making learning the curriculum fun and exciting for teachers.  The following quotes are from teachers who have been trained and have implemented STANDOUT Math in their classrooms.

                   "Finally...a math curriculum that enhances my current program.  I                             can't imagine teaching any other way!"

                   "My students took our state standardized math test, I could 
                   see several mouths moving as students recalled STANDOUT Math
                   chants to help them solve problems."

                    "Students are excited about math.  The chants we use during   
                    STANDOUT Math directly relate to what we are doing in class.  It   
                    really works!"

                    "This program is WONDERFUL!  Only a math teacher could have
                      come up with such an engaging program that covers all the 
                      standards AND gets kids excited."   

                    "I feel this was one of the best professional development
                    experiences I have ever had.  The training was intensive and 
                    we were held accountable for our own success.  It was definitely                             worth it."

                    "The training didn't end after the in-service day.  Our trainer
                     came back to work with us in our environment making this a
                    working, applied, experience. This program is fun!"

To speak with a STANDOUT Math Educational Consultant to learn more about our curriculum, please call us at (720) 379-2700.
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