STANDOUT Math means...

Students Taking A New Direction Overcoming and Understanding Tests in Math

The goal of our curriculum is to enhance mathmatical vocabulary recall with elementary students in a fun, new and exciting way!

Research show lessons should be oral, visual and kinesthetic in nature to maximize learning and retention.  STANDOUT Math ensures every learner's needs are met through our proven multi-sensory approach.

Language is most effectively learned through listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The order of these steps is crucial to the effectiveness of the  learner's fluency. When teaching students mathmatical vocabulary, we must follow the same steps parents use to teach infants language. Parents are repetitive, as they say the same thing over and over with their children.  They are highly engaging, changing the intonation of their voices, and adding body movements to make learning fun!

Learning Mathematical Language should be no different!

Classroom Success

STANDOUT Math really works!

It has been implemented in more than 100 school districts across North America, and over 1,000,000 elementary school students have learned the curriculum to master math vocabulary.

Our Standardized Test Data is unparalleled!

100% of schools that fully  implement STANDOUT Math improved their overall test scores in Math on standardized tests.

In 2010, schools implementing our curriculum experienced average gains of 15.2 percentage points on standardized tests.

In 2010, schools implementing our curriculum increased the percentage of students scoring "advanced" by an average of 12.8%.

Implementing STANDOUT Math 

STANDOUT Math is a very easy program to implement at your school.

Students are taught the curriculum for 15-20 minutes a week, complementing a classroom's current math curriculum.

STANDOUT Math provides an excellent spiraling review, ensuring that all areas of the mathematical curriculum are routinely challenged, maintained and reviewed.

This approach gives students the best chance to remember math vocabulary for the rest of their lives.

To download a Datasheet that provides an overview of our curriculum, and our service offerings, click here.

To speak with a STANDOUT Math Educational Consultant to learn more about our curriculum, please call us at (720) 379-2700.
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